Mercedes Breaks Tradition: New C-Class Packs Flagship-Level Tech from S-Class

News / Mercedes Breaks Tradition: New C-Class Packs Flagship-Level Tech from S-Class

Traditionally, it takes several years for the advanced features of a manufacturer's flagship model to trickle down to the rest of the lineup. However, Mercedes-Benz is shaking things up with its latest C-Class, now in its fifth generation.

new Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Drawing inspiration from its larger sibling, the S-Class, the new C-Class incorporates cutting-edge technology straight from the heart of Stuttgart. The most significant changes are found inside the vehicle, where the C-Class boasts MBUX 2, the latest iteration of Mercedes' infotainment system. According to the brand, this upgrade propels the car to new heights of connectivity.

At the center of attention is an 11.9-inch touchscreen, strategically angled towards the driver and seamlessly integrated into the dashboard. This intuitive interface, reminiscent of regular switchgear, offers multiple ways to operate the system. The updated "Hey Mercedes" voice control system, now connected to the internet, enhances user interaction, akin to having Amazon's Alexa on board.

While some prefer in-car systems with physical controllers, Mercedes' MBUX 2 impresses as the first fully touchscreen interface to captivate users.

Under the hood, the new model inherits its underpinnings and powertrains from its predecessor but undergoes extensive refinement, noticeable in its dynamic driving experience and impressive ride quality. Although certain options like adaptive dampers and rear-wheel steering may not be available in UK-spec cars, Mercedes assures an enhanced driving dynamics compared to the current model.

new2023 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Launching with the mild-hybrid C 220 d as the top fleet model, boasting 215PS and emissions as low as 120g/km, the C-Class will later introduce plug-in hybrid variants like the C 300 e and C 300 de, offering up to 62 miles of zero-emission range.

Accompanying the saloon version is an estate variant, featuring a 30-liter increase in luggage space. With its impending arrival in the UK this summer, the new C-Class appears poised to challenge the dominance of the BMW 3 Series in its segment.

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